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About us

Global Asia Consultants Co., Ltd. has been working on air conditioning and electrical installations in every building since it’s founded. We are pursuing to become a company that is needed in society by starving on improving technology and quality and developing human resources. It’s clear that computerization will progress more rapidly due to technological innovations and infrastructure development in the future. Along with this progress, many companies invest in advanced equipment, and the improvement of technology and quality is increasingly required. Electrical equipment is essential to society and requires absolute confidence. In order to achieve these demands, each employee commits to compliance with laws and regulations, to fulfill our corporate social responsibility, and to carry out business activities with this mission.

“Technology is people”

“Technology is people”
Yasujiro Niwa, one of the engineers who represents the successful Japan of the facsimile development, sent this language to faculty and students as a philosophy of education and research in light on his own experience.

‘I insist that people are the foundation no matter what you do. In other words, we can say, “technology is people”. Creating reliable technology requires reliable people. A good engineer must be dependable as a person. Therefore, you must become a person before you become an engineer. Engineers always need to cultivate their own character’ from Gift to the young engineer (Yasujiro Niwa, 1971).

This word, which shows the way of engineers, has become a word that reminds us whenever we go back to beginner’s spirit. We believe that it will contribute to society by trying to create a environment for being a company that develop a good technology and nature good people.

Corporate Identity

  • "To create employment opportunities and to contribute to the society"

    We create employment opportunities in order to strive making a regional contribution.

  • “To improve qualities and technical capabilities and encourage employee growth”

    The quality is the one that the engineer's character appears. We believe that it is important to nurture good people to develop good technology.

Company Infomation

Company name Global Asia Consultants Co., Ltd.
Head office 1-296-2 Shimokiyoto, Kiyose-shi, Tōkyō-to, Japan 204-0011
Phone number 042-494-042
Representative Takuya Yamagami
Business description General Electrical Equipment and Design Construction
Contractor's License The Governor of Tokyo(General-4) No.138351
Date of permission:Aug-30-2017
Type of permission:Electrical construction, Fire protection facility construction, Telecommunication construction
Qualification of technical capacity First-type Qualified Certified Electrician
Second-type Qualified Certified Electrician
First-Class Electric Works Execution Manager
Second-Class Electric Works Execution Manager
Class A Forth-type Authorized Fire-fighting Facilities Manager
Certified Electric Works Management Technician

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